More than 100 years on the market

Our history shows: The future belongs to quality products. We don’t believe in “higher, faster, further” at any price. In our gardening and building equipment as well as in our business relationships, what counts for us is longevity and reliability.

Our partners

Know-how from Switzerland in use all over Europe: In order to enable our customers national and international comprehensive advice and direct sales on site, we work together with long-standing and proven sales partners. ALBA KRAPF products are offered in more than ten countries through our strong sales partner network.

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History & values

Tradition obliges …

With passion, commitment and new ideas, we dedicate ourselves to the manufacture of high-quality steel products. We develop and manufacture quality products that convince in terms of function, robustness and design.

Why do we love steel? This material is not only durable, but also 100% recyclable. With this choice of material, we make an ecological contribution and form durable products that make gardening, green maintenance and construction site work easier.





How it all started


Our company history begins with the foundation of the Angehrn locksmith’s shop in 1907. During this time, the first ALBA tools were created, which at that time were still completely bent and welded by hand.

In the 30s


The company grows and in the course of the switch to machine production, independent departments for forging, pressing and punching are created. Over the years, two entrepreneurial focal points develop from this: the ALBA tools and an industrial area.

Own ways in 2002


The entrepreneurial family Krapf takes over the ALBA tools division. Today we specialize in all-steel products in the fields of winding technology, gardening and building. With our own developments and tailor-made designs, we bring successful innovations to the market and can react flexibly to changing requirements.

environment & social

Environmentally friendly production & social commitment

Successful entrepreneurs think outside the box: That’s why we not only keep an eye on our products, but also do something for the environment and social interaction.

Social responsibility


In order to meet growing sales volumes, we looked around for regional partners in the areas of assembly and packaging and found what we were looking for: For many years we have been working regularly with Heimstätten Wil and the disabled workshop Buecherwäldli all year round.

Pro climate


We are committed to the climate: ALBA KRAPF has been part of the swisscleantech trade association since 2021. Together with around 500 other members from over 30 industries, we are ensuring that Switzerland is made CO2 neutral by 2050 at the latest. Because as Laotse said: “Only those who know their destination will find the way.”

Durable materials


In terms of a better ecological balance: We manufacture our garden tools and construction equipment from durable materials and design them so that they can be used for many years. With the purchase of our high-quality products made of environmentally friendly steel, every user contributes to protecting the environment.



Did you know that steel is the most recycled material – worldwide? The amount far exceeds the total volume of all other materials that are recycled. Paper, glass or aluminum, for example, beats steel by far and is therefore the clear winner in the global recycling cycle!

More information:

Ecological packaging


Can be folded flat and made of environmentally friendly cardboard: We develop ecologically sensible and easy-to-dispose of packaging for shipping our products. At ALBA KRAPF, we also keep our transport routes as short as possible: We only produce within Europe and thus use less fossil fuels.


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Pfattstrasse 5
9536 Schwarzenbach SG Switzerland