Lifting and stripping devices

Murxli, Murxi and Kuli – forged for the highest demands!

Nailing out and cleaning boards and formwork panels, loosening floor coverings or beams, dismantling formwork or moving heavy elements, pallets and precast concrete parts: our lifting and stripping devices Kuli and Murxi and Murxli are versatile, extremely robust and specially designed for construction professionals developed.

During production, we subject them to a particularly meticulous quality test. The results are products that are tough as steel and can cope with any task without compromise – and that for many years! Thanks to their functional handling and their enormous leverage, they also ensure back-friendly work with minimal effort.

Your advantages

Highest quality & individually applicable

Nailing out, cleaning various materials, dismantling formwork and much more! The forged and hardened front part combined with the oval pressed spring steel tube guarantees maximum reliability for heavy and long-term use. Proven and used in a wide variety of industries for years. For example, for lifting and moving concrete elements and slabs, stripping concrete, placement aid for heavy stones in gardening and landscaping, demolition work, pulling steel nails and much more.

Precise work

The front hardened nail claw ensures an efficient, precise and effective lifting of the nail heads.

Accurately offset

The wide but sharply forged front edge allows heavy elements to be moved precisely with a high lifting force and little potential for damage.

Inner nail puller

When standing, nails that are less deep are removed quickly and without straining the back.

Long nails

With the tool turned upside down, even long nails can be pulled out with little effort.

The Murxli

The Murxli

Item no: 10591

Length: 120 mm

Width: 48mm

Total length: 60 cm

Weight: 1.5 kg

The Murxi

The Murxi

Item no: 10585

Length: 156 mm

Width: 60mm

Total length: 91 cm

Weight: 2.5 kg



Item no: 10583

Length: 200mm

Width: 75mm

Total length: 140 cm

Weight: 5.3 kg



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