The professional for private use
Item no .: 28817

  • stable all-steel construction galvanized (chrome 6 free)
  • central water flow
  • double bearing
  • Hose-friendly drum: no hose kinking
  • consistent and pressure-resistant
  • Rotary fitting with ball bearings for easy unrolling and unrolling
  • Ø 17 cm lawn-friendly wheels with a strong tread pattern

Additional information

Hose capacities

Ø 13 mm (1/2 ″) = 100 m
Ø 16 mm (5/8 ″) = 80 m
Ø 19 mm (3/4 ″) = 50 m


steel construction

All load-bearing components and connecting parts made of steel

Gentle on the hose

Wide supports for optimal water flow and no-kink hose support


Robust and comfortable handle with the greatest possible leverage

Strain relief

Hose clamp for kink-free fastening and strain relief

Comfortable transport height

Long handle for optimal handling.


Stability when unrolling and operating